The Nettlebed Stinger Organisers are committed to offering an event which is inclusive and welcoming to all.  We aim to empower all runners, especially women, to take part and feel equally represented in all aspects of racing.  

As a small race we do not offer refunds, however, there are certain circumstance whereby women are unduly discriminated for instance, during and after pregnancy and pregnancy loss.  Sadly, this may make some women feel unable to enter certain races, therefore, whilst it would’ve been our unwritten rule to accept these circumstances we are now proudly working with @Sheraces to ensure female participants at the Nettlebed Stinger understand we fully support their needs by formalising our SheRACES policy.

What Does this Mean in Practical Terms?

  • Inclusive imagery – Across our website, advertising material, social media platforms and images we make available to press will include a range of Nettlebed Stinger runners.  This includes front runners, through to the back markers.  We will commit to representing runners across our demographic of entries.
  • Inclusive copywriting – E-mails sent will include input from both male and female contributors
  • Race Descriptions – Race descriptions will be easily accessible on our website with both text and a course map.  Focus will be on celebrating completing the race rather than time. 
  • Celebrate all finishers – A race finish has been designed to celebrate all runners.  Supporters and volunteers all congregate in the same area and are encouraged to cheer in all runners.
  • Generous cut-off – Sufficient medical cover will be booked to allow slower paced runners to complete the course comfortably and safely.  Marshals will remain on course until our sweeper runner passes through after the last runner. 
  • Planning – Runners can access details of the event on the website at any time.  More detailed e-mails are sent to registered athletes in the six weeks prior to the event.  The organising committee are available to respond to any questions swiftly.
  • Fair deferral policy – No woman will be penalised for being pregnant, having a child, or for the loss of a pregnancy.  In these circumstances any woman registered to race the Nettlebed Stinger can defer their place until they are fit, healthy and ready to run safely to a future race within 2 years.  By offering this policy, we hope that women will neither choose to avoid entering our race or feel pressure to run before they’re 100% physically ready.

Equal the Experience

  • Toilets – Some toilets will be reserved and marked clearly for women only. 
  • Safety – We will endeavour to have a mix of male and female marshals spread as evenly as possible throughout the course for the safety of runners.
  • Breastfeeding athletes – A private, designated area will be made available to anyone needing privacy to feed their child before or after the race.

Room to Race

  • Equal coverage – Post-race press releases will include equal reference to male and female winners. 
  • Equal from the start – The event start line will be split to allow the competitive male and female runners to line up next to one another.
  • Prizes – Equal prizes are made available to male and female category winners